Inter Chapter Event
Arai Winter
Family University
Mar. 23-26
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optional tours

reservation is required
This is a private plan designed for small groups or individuals. Together with a guide, you can tailor and enjoy your own skiing / snow boarding program. This may include half-pipe, one make, mogul skiing, powder snow skiing, fun skiing and even having your session videotaped
ARAI MOUNTAIN & SNOW PARKでは、大毛無山の大自然と、豊富な雪を活かして、様々なアクティビティーをご用意して、皆様のお越しをお待ちいたしております。特に皆様方には、ARAIのとっておきのプログラムであります、『スペシャルプラン』がおすすめです。朝一番の、誰のシュプールもついてないゲレンデにご案内したり、レストランをリザーブしたりと、至れり尽くせりのおもてなしを致します。
Special Plan 1 to 5 Participants ¥28,000 (8:30-17:00)
¥32,000 (7:30-17:00)
¥3,000 (Guide Reqest)
Request Plan 1 to 3 Participants ¥10,000 ( 2 hours )
¥1,000 (Guide Reqest)
¥15,000 ( 4 hours )
¥1,500 (Guide Reqest)
*If you request a specific guide, additional charge for the guide request will be added up to the Academy fee.
*Plans for disable people are also available. Please feel free to inquire us.
Put on your snowshoes and embark on a hike into the forest. There is a fair chance of coming across some animals along the way.
豊富な雪量のARAIも、皆様方がお越しいただく3月下旬には、春らしい陽気に見舞われる事かと思います。 スキーの出来ない方でも、簡単に大毛無山のトリコになれる、そんなツアーです。ガイドと一緒に一足早く、春を探してみませんか?
Hiking Cours Time length : 1hour ¥1,000 per person
Minimum of 2 participants required
Accessory rental is extra
Trek to the summit of Mount Ohgenashi and take in the spectacular 360-degree panoramic view.
Mountain Trek Time length : 1hour ¥2,000 per person
Minimum of 2 participants required
Accessory rental & lift is extra
Package Plan Sea Mystic ¥23,000 per person
Mountain Mystic ¥21,000 per person
Bliss Day ¥39,000 per person
MANNA Stream ¥63,000 per person
Facial Plan MANNA Facial ¥17,500 per person
Natural Facial ¥17,500 per person
Facial Treatment for men ¥14,500 per person
Refresh Plan Floating Dead Sea ¥6,500 per person
Balneotherapy ¥6,500 per person
Body Care Plan MANNA Body Glow ¥17,500 per person
Sports massage ¥9,500 per person
Chiropractic ¥9,500 per person
Foot Plan Tawanese Reflexology ¥8,500 per person
Reflexology English Reflexology ¥8,500 per person
*Facility charge (2500 yen) is including the prices above.
Under the light of the moon embark on a 15 km night tour! Take in the beauty of the star-filled night sky. Minimum of 2 participants required.
Snowmobile Night Tour Time length : 1hour
Solo (1person) ¥3,500 per snowmobile
Tandem (2people) ¥6,000 per snowmobile
Guide Tandem (1person & guide) From ¥3,000 per snowmobile
NOTE : 5% tax will be charged upon all the tour prices above.